Friday, August 8, 2008

Take Out the Trash

by Tankwoman The Blue Voice August 6, 2008

Yikes it's hot out! I think I'm the last person remaining in DC, the rest of the city has gone to cooler climes, the beach, Congress to their home states for campaigning, and so the only people who remain here with me, are the service staff to the rich and powerful. And I think Hillary Clinton is still here, she picked up a part-time job giving tours at the White House to pay off her campaign debt. It's really quiet here, but it's not a peaceful quiet, DC has the feeling of an abandoned city, maybe one where the citizens all ran off to escape the plague.

But if it's noise I want, I can just turn on my favorite cable news station, and depending on what sort of noise I want to hear, there are a few different flavors. Right wing noise, left wing noise, sports noise, it's all there and easily found with the press of a remote, there's no need for me to even get up off of the couch (which is a good thing, because it's so hot, I just don't feel like moving. I did actually move this morning, to turn the thermostat down, and to remove all of my clothing, except my pink boxers and a t-shirt, and all day since then, I have been hoping that no one rings the doorbell, because there's no way I'm opening the door to let in the oppressive humidity, and besides, I would have to scramble to get dressed, I'm not going to answer the door in pink boxers...). So what is a gurl to do, when going outside is a danger to her health? >>READ MORE

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