Friday, August 8, 2008

It isn't all the Obama campaign's fault

by Jill, Brilliant at Breakfast  August 7, 2008

I've been hard on Barack Obama and his campaign lately, for their continuation of the long Democratic tradition of taking the Republican sucker-punches and not punching back. In the last few days, Obama has shown some signs of realizing that "taking the high road" doesn't work (though I still wonder what took him so long, given that he saw Republicans turn the "sure bet" John Kerry into a war wimp while the guy who stayed home and snorted coke off the asses of hookers was regarded as a war hero because they'd seen him on TV in a flight suit with socks stuffed into the crotch).

But Obama's faltering in the polls isn't all his fault, because John McCain has a willing and eager accomplice in the mainstream media, whose talking heads and byliners are still covering him as if he were still the carefully constructed "maverick" of 2000 and earlier. I can't even watch "Morning Joe" for two minutes anymore because of the shamelessness of Joe Scarborough's mad mancrush on McCain. And that's on MSNBC, which is one of the LESS egregious offenders.

Multiply Joe Scarborough by all three of the major networks where America still gets most of its news, throw in CNN and Faux Noise, and major newspapers still afraid to pick on the guy who spent five years in a Hanoi prison (in case you didn't know, John McCain was a POW. Did I mention he was a POW? I'll bet you didn't know he was a POW. You know, I heard he was a POW. Gee, I forgot to tell you; he was a POW....), and you have a complete and impenetrable echo chamber in the tank for John McCain. >> READ MORE

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