Friday, August 8, 2008

Maverickiness and Presumption

by Lance Mannion, August 8, 2008 

For the last seven years or so, the Maverick and Commander's reputation for being a maverick has saved him from the trouble of actually having to be a maverick. Mostly John McCain's maverickiness has been a matter of his bad-mouthing other Republicans just before voting along with them and sounding all worried and doubtful about various policies proposed by George Bush up until the moment he decided he was wrong and Bush was right and tax cuts for the rich and torture and other things were just what the doctor ordered. 

Back in the 90s, though, McCain really was enough of a maverick that President Clinton could count on him to buck the Republican leadership and refuse to follow the party line from time to time, right up until the day McCain voted to convict on both articles of Impeachment. 
Clinton probably wasn't surprised. 

The only thing you can count on with mavericks is that you can't count on them. >>READ MORE

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