Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bush Is Destroying America, And Congress & The MSM Continue To Enable His Criminal Administration!
by Justanothercoverup, Diatribune, July 4, 2008

Unfortunately, due to the complicity of the Mainstream News Media, America is at a crossroads – one that most citizens aren’t even aware of; our MSM is run by corporate interests, and even though some reporters would give anything to tell us the truth, they are stifled from reporting the real news by their corporate masters. We have one or two reporters that deserve the Medal of Freedom for their honesty and tenacity, like Keith Olbermann for instance – but his audience is too small to make a real difference, and the news I’m speaking of should dominate the media, in print , on the radio and on all of the nightly news reports, but instead, what we hear are bits and pieces of so-called news that fail to sound the alarm that America is dying, not a slow death, but our economy is close to a complete collapse, and if Bush and Cheney have their way, World War III could begin at any moment. Yes, it’s that serious, yet the MSM refuses to tell Americans the truth, traitors and cowards for refusing to honor their own beliefs in journalism and protecting the freedom and democracy that a “free press” traditionally provided to its subscribers. The framers of our constitution understood that a free press was essential to the survival of our democracy, and even on our own government’s website, these words are immortal and as true today as when our constitution was first written. >>Read More

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